It’s wonky…..But I’m new

Ok, this is my 2nd ever sewing project. And I know the stitching around the bias tape is wonky, but it turned out it was harder than I thought. I unpicked it twice, and this i think, is as good as I can get for now. I found this cute pattern here: Craft Leftovers

All it needs now is a cute button.

Practice practice practice….


5 thoughts on “It’s wonky…..But I’m new

  1. WOW! You did great. I can’t believe it’s only your 2nd sewing project.

    Even though I’m been sewing for quite a while, my stitches are sometimes wonky, too. You could always have used matching black thread on the bias tape and no one would ever know…but I guess that defeats the purpose of the vibrant red topstitching in this case.

    Happy Sewing!

    With friendship,

  2. I love it!! The fabric is awesome – so vibrant! I’m a wonky stitcher too. Apparantly practice makes perfect??? You could make more as gifts.

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