Teddy in a Tee – With pattern!

Last week I found some really nice thick acrylic yarn in a local bargain store, and thought it would be perfect for making amigurumi. Then I got it home and couldn’t find the perfect pattern. So I just started crocheting and making it up as a went along! Don’t worry, I remembered to take notes so I could share with you all! ^_^

If you have never made an amigurumi before, don’t worry it’s easy. This pattern is worked in continuous spirals. Use stitch markers to mark the start of each round in case you lose count.

The pattern is in american terms.

And one last note before I start, please do not reproduce this pattern without my permission, claim it as your own, sell it etc.


My yarn was DK, and I used a 3.5mm hook.

Start with your main colour, and make a magic loop. Now you are ready to start your head.


R1 (round one): sc 6 into the loop. Pull tight. All pieces begin this way hereafter.

R2: 2sc into each stitch around.   (12)

R3: *sc, 2sc into 1 st* Repeat *to* around. (18 )

R4: *sc in first 2 sts, 2sc into 1* Rep from * to * around. (24)

R5: *sc in first 3 sts, 2sc in to next st* repeat from * to * (30)

R6 *sc in first 4 sts, 2sc into next sts* repeat from * to * (36)

R7 – 14: Sc around all sts

R15: *sc 4, sc 2tog* repeat from * to * (30)

R16: *sc 3, sc 2tog* rep. from * to * (24)

R17: * sc 2, sc 2tog* rep. from * to * (18 )

Slip stitch into first stitch of the last spiral and bind off leaving a long tail for sewing.


Sc 6 into magic loop.

sc 2 into each stitch (12)

slip stitch to firs stitch of last round and bind off leaving a long tail.

EAR: (make 2)

sc 6 into magic ring. ch1, turn. DO NOT JOIN ROUND)

sc 2 into each st. Bind off leaving long tail for sewing.


R1:sc 6 into magic ring using your main colour.

R2: sc 2 into each stitch (12)

R3:  *sc 1, sc 2 into next st* rep from * to* around

R4: *sc 2, sc 2 into next st* rep from * to * around

R5: *sc 3, sc 2 into next st* rep from * to *

R6-11: sc around

R12: join in blue and sc around for 7 rounds.

R 19: join in green and sc around for 2 rounds.

R 21: join in blue and sc around for 2 rounds.

R 23: *sc 3, sc 2tog* Rep. from * to * around (24)

R 24: sc around.

R 25: *sc 2, sc 2tog* rep. from * to * (18 )

R26: sc around.

Finish round with a sl st and bind off leaving long tail.

Phew! Almost there!

Arm: (make 2)

sc 6 into loop.

sc 2 into each st. (12)

sc around for 11 rounds.

Join in blue and sc around for 4 rounds.

End with sl st and bind off leaving long tail.

Leg: (make 2)

sc 6 into ring.

sc 2 into each st (12)

*sc 1, sc 2 into next st* rep from * to * around.

sc around for 3 rounds.

*sc 1, sc 2tog* around

sc around for 8 rounds.

Finish with sl st and bind off with long tail.


Sew nose and mouth onto face, and sew face onto the head.

Attach eyes.

Using the long tails you left, sew on the ears.

Stuff head firmly.

Stuff legs firmly and using tails, sew to body.

Stuff body and arms firmly.

Sew arms to body using the tails.

Using tail from head, sew the head to the body, lining up the stitches carefully.

Reinforce  the seam with the tail from the body.

TA DA! Enjoy your teddy in a tee!!


16 thoughts on “Teddy in a Tee – With pattern!

  1. He’s so cute!! And he is really tempting me to try amigurumi. I look forward to seeing what you create next. 🙂
    (I hope this isn’t a double comment, my dsl dropped and I don’t think my previous comment got through, so here I am again.)

    • Hi Rebekah,
      As stated at the start of the pattern, I released this pattern for free but do not wish it to be used for commercial purposes. Thanks.

  2. hi tara
    i had a go at your teddy, my first attempt at amigurumi and it was fantastic! the pattern is great, you have a real knack for making it easy to understand – nothing worse than not being able to read a pattern! i changed mine to have a pink tee but my daughters have named ‘him’ clive so he’s a bit of a snab – sensative new age bear! thanks again!

  3. I was curious, how big is the finished bear? The pictures don’t really give an idea of scale. Is this snuggle size or decoration size?

    • From head to bottom he was about 12cm. I gave him away as a gift so unfortunately I can’t measure him. But he was small enough to sit on the palm of your hand.

  4. I am making a ton of hats for charity and would love to make some of these teddies for the kids…do you have any objections?

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