The Epic Journey – Lace Wrap for Mum

With mother’s day approaching I decided this year I wanted to do something really special for my mother, who has helped me tremendously over the last 12 months. I recently discovered a new found obsession with knitted lace. Oh so pretty, but looks so difficult. I’m not possibly good enough to do that…. Or am I crazy enough? I think I am crazy enough. So whilst pattern surfing on ravelry I came across the Falling Leaves Wrap by Dory Brown and fell in love. I just needed the perfect yarn…. I soon found it at my LYS, araucania ranco solid in teal. Perfecto!

Now that week I had injured my back badly and was in a lot of pain. So loaded with pain killers and feeling sorry for myself I rushed home to cast on, throwing caution to the wind and diving in head first.  After the first few repeats, the pattern became very easy to work, and it began to grow at a nice pace. WOW! I was knitting PROPER LACE!

So after a few weeks i was finally ready for casting off and blocking. And without further ado, the photos:

Pre- Blocking

Pre- Blocking

the blocking process in action

the blocking process in action

Finally Dry

Finally Dry

quickly being modelled

quickly being modelled

Blocking is amazing. while it was a huge pain in the bum, the whole piece changes when it’s done. I couldn’t beleive it. Magic!!


2 thoughts on “The Epic Journey – Lace Wrap for Mum

  1. Wow, that looks like an awful lot of work, but the end result is fantastic. I’m knitting my first bit of real lace, too, and I’m finding it surprisingly fun (though I’m sure I’ve made a few crooked rows Ü … nevermind!) Doesn’t blocking make it look good? How did your mum like it?

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