More Shawl Knitting…

Ok, so it’s obvious by now I have become totally hooked on knitting lace shawls. I just adore them And 2010 is off to a good start, I have made 4 this year. One I posted back in January, and here are the next 3.

First up : Brangian. This shawl was designed and test knit for a friend of mine and the pattern is now available for sale on ravelry. It’s easy but elegant and I love it!

By the way, yep that IS the yarn i dyed at knit camp. And while I’m on the subject:

Number two: Haruni. This was a special knit I started on the 1 year anniversary of my Grandmother’s passing. A way for me to remember the woman who inspired me to knit.

And lastly: Aurantium Blossom. I’m so happy with this knit I can’t even tell you. It’s a mother’s Day present for my Mum. The yarn is an amazing Ombre Gradient from Wooltopia. The pattern is based on Estonian Lace patterns and was a great challenge for me.


3 thoughts on “More Shawl Knitting…

  1. Can’t decide which one I love best, out of Haruni and Brangian, but I’m actually leaning towards Brangian just because of your beautiful gold yarn. The pattern makes me think of gold coins strung up into a shawl. What competition did you win first prize for?

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