ice cream anyone?

Well, I knocked a fair bit of study out the way in the last week so I had some free time to get to know my new spinning wheel! This fibre was dyed up by the wonderful Emily The Enabler. I normally try to spin as fine and as even as I can (I’m not sure if it’s a natural habit, or relentless OCD), but this time I threw caution out the window (and partly because it took me a while to find my feet with the new wheel’s tension, speed and personality – yes, they have personalities and no I am not crazy). So here it is, some super bulky, deliciously squooshy, 19 micron merino.


6 thoughts on “ice cream anyone?

  1. Hi, Tara!
    I´m a Brazilian crafter and just L.O.V.E your “Brr Baby beanie pattern”! I´ve crocheted some of them and it´s perfect! I´d like to know if you allow me to post it´s translation into Portuguese in my blog; this would allow many Brazilian crafters to do it too, as they can´t understand the English pattern. Is it OK for you? I´ve done it with other free patterns and I always include a link to the original pattern and to the author´s blog. (here is one of the beanies I´ve done:

    Thank you, anyway!

    • Hi Claudia! 🙂

      A Portuguese translation would be wonderful! I’d love to see the pattern shared by as many crafters as possible 🙂

      Let me know how you go, and I can add the Portuguese version into the Ravelry database as well.

      Tara xx

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