Knitting With Heart

If there’s one thing I love more than knitting, it’s gift knitting. I adore making things for people who I know will love them. A friend of mine has an adorable little baby girl who was in need of some new winter longies. I actually made her some as a newborn, but they obviously didn’t fit for long! And let me tell you, as a mother of 2 rowdy, grubby boys, it sure is nice to get stuck into some girly stuff! The main colour I dyed myself, and the aqua was something I had in stash. The pattern is my favourite longies pattern: Wonderpants by Pamela Grossman. No gusset, no grafting, 2 at a time legs. I love it. I decided for extra girlyness I would have try of duplicate stitching an embellishment. I had never tried this before and it took a bit of practice but I found a great tutorial and charts from Watermellish (LOVE this blog, she is very, very clever!!).


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