Weekend Adventures

How do you like to spend your weekends? Do you go to the movies? Sleep in? Play sport? Our favourite family weekend activity is going driving in the bush. We are so lucky in this country to have such beautiful places to visit. About 40minutes drive from where I live is the Styx River State Forest. It’s a pocket of temperate Australian forest right on the edge of the New England National Park. There’s 2wd and 4wd access roads that vary from gentle to fairly extreme on the fire trails if you want it. We quite often pack the kids, some lunch and head down for an afternoon exploring. There is a camping ground and a picnic area down by the river where we usually stop for lunch.

Lately in Australia, thanks to La Nana, we have had record rainfall all through the summer which has made some of the countryside especially beautiful. The forest is green and flourishing, the river is flowing clear and clean, the weather has cooled off but isn’t cold. So yesterday we again packed up the car, and set off on a little adventure. If you get the chance, you really should go for a visit one day.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

    • Ley us know if you do, we will come down for the day (we don’t have camping gear yet lol). You should go before it gets too cold down there. Wattle Flat picnic area has toilets, but Wattle Flat camping area does not. From memory no drinking water either, so be sure to take enough. If you drive up through along Forest Way rd you will come out just near Point Lookout, which is also well worth the look.

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