Happy Easter!

This Easter was a different one for us. My eldest has recently been diagnosed with a condition called Eosiniphilic Oesophagitis. One of his identified allergen foods is milk proteins so we have just undergone an enormous diet change eliminating anything that has any sort of milk product in it. This means chocolate is off the list. Now, as it happens I was able to locate some milk free chocolate for him at the 11th hour, which was fantastic. But this year I wanted to spend Easter Sunday doing something that didn’t involve chocolate and was a little more creative. So we decided to give dyeing hard boiled eggs a try.

This is for sure, an outside activity.

We experimented with a few methods we found on the internet, all using ordinary food colouring and vinegar. The boys had a great time play mad scientists mixing the dye mixture and placing the eggs in.

Out of the methods we did, the favourite of the day was the marbled/cracked method. Both boys agreed that this was very cool. All you need to do is lightly crack the shell of your hard boiled egg before you put the food colouring on it.

And to top it all off, they are also delicious!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too! 🙂


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