About Rah Rah

Well, where do I start I wonder? I’m a  Mum of 2 boys. All my life I have loved to create….Anything. I was the child who saved ALL the egg cartons and cardboard tubes, just knowing I was going to create wondrous things with them. It didn’t always work out, but it was fun. And I guess not a lot has changed really. I’m always knee deep in projects. Finishing things, now that’s the challenge!

6 thoughts on “About Rah Rah

  1. So happy to have found you!

    You must be a great Mum (even though so young)!

    I’ve just become a Grandma (Nana?)hence stumbled upon your site. Great again!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Wishing you success in all your endeavours and continue to enjoy all and everything.

    I shall surely visit again.


  2. Dear Tara,
    I have never seen such exquisite knitting! Its so dainty and like lace! I have always thought knitting produces heavy, not very elegant but comfy stuf but how wrong was i! And imagine making your own yarn! Great! Anyways I would love to follow your blog but there is no follow button?

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