Happy Easter!

This Easter was a different one for us. My eldest has recently been diagnosed with a condition called Eosiniphilic Oesophagitis. One of his identified allergen foods is milk proteins so we have just undergone an enormous diet change eliminating anything that has any sort of milk product in it. This means chocolate is off the list. Now, as it happens I was able to locate some milk free chocolate for him at the 11th hour, which was fantastic. But this year I wanted to spend Easter Sunday doing something that didn’t involve chocolate and was a little more creative. So we decided to give dyeing hard boiled eggs a try.

This is for sure, an outside activity.

We experimented with a few methods we found on the internet, all using ordinary food colouring and vinegar. The boys had a great time play mad scientists mixing the dye mixture and placing the eggs in.

Out of the methods we did, the favourite of the day was the marbled/cracked method. Both boys agreed that this was very cool. All you need to do is lightly crack the shell of your hard boiled egg before you put the food colouring on it.

And to top it all off, they are also delicious!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too! 🙂


kobo vox cover

Well hello!

Today is Good Friday and the first day of school holidays after what has been a very busy few months. I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter break with your families too.

Earlier in the year my wonderful hubby gave me a Kobo Vox eReader for my birthday, and let me tell you, I am in love. Since then I have been meaning to make a nice cover for it, so that I can stick it in my handbag (or knitting bag) and not worry about it getting scratched. Finally this week I had an evening free so I dragged out the sewing machine and put one together based on this tutorial I found on Pinterest. I had to adjust the dimensions slightly to fit the Vox but that wasn’t too hard. I used some gorgeous fabric my friend Ellie gave me, and some grey Linen. It only took a couple of hours to make and that was mainly working out the sizes and cutting.

So I’ll end with a photo of my new favourite things: My Kobo, my coffee plunger and my new porcelain travel mug! 🙂

mr five

My smallest guy has come such a long way. It feels like all of a sudden he is very grown up. This year he has started school, and seems to have discovered his own identity and personality very quickly. Although he is not so little any more, I am enjoying hanging out with my ‘little’ guy more and more each day.

Weekend Adventures

How do you like to spend your weekends? Do you go to the movies? Sleep in? Play sport? Our favourite family weekend activity is going driving in the bush. We are so lucky in this country to have such beautiful places to visit. About 40minutes drive from where I live is the Styx River State Forest. It’s a pocket of temperate Australian forest right on the edge of the New England National Park. There’s 2wd and 4wd access roads that vary from gentle to fairly extreme on the fire trails if you want it. We quite often pack the kids, some lunch and head down for an afternoon exploring. There is a camping ground and a picnic area down by the river where we usually stop for lunch.

Lately in Australia, thanks to La Nana, we have had record rainfall all through the summer which has made some of the countryside especially beautiful. The forest is green and flourishing, the river is flowing clear and clean, the weather has cooled off but isn’t cold. So yesterday we again packed up the car, and set off on a little adventure. If you get the chance, you really should go for a visit one day.

Adventures in dairy free baking

Yes, ok, so I kind of dropped off the face of the Earth again. Sorry about that. What I have learned so far this year is that being a working, studying, self employed on the side wife and mother of two boys in school is really busy work. I barely have time breathe sometimes, or so it feels anyway.

Recently we have switched our eldest boy onto an experimental dairy free diet, to see if it solves a few long running issues with his health. This seemed like a very daunting task at first (the kid would live off milk alone if I let him, I am sure of it), but over the last few days I have been finding some great recipes and replacements that he will eat without a second thought. People who know him will know this is nothing short of a miracle, he is like a 7 year old Michelin Star Food Critic.

So this week my husband had a birthday, and I went on the hunt for some dairy free cake recipes. I came across a great blog here, which I can tell you I will be reading A LOT over the coming weeks. I found a recipe for chocolate cake with zucchini in it, and I just HAD to give it a go. So before the kids got home from school, I set about picking zucchinis from the garden, and set to work in the kitchen. I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive that a cake that did not have any butter, egg or milk in it could live up to the taste test, but as soon as I took it out of the oven, I knew it was going to be good.


It smelled amazing! So while I impatiently waited for it to cool I made the glaze and dribbled it over.

The best kind of chocolate is messy chocolate, am I right? All that was left now was to present it to the judges, who have all given it the thumbs up of approval… And they have no idea it’s chock full of home grown zucchini goodness.


more catch up

Been on holidays again…. So here are some catch up shots.





day eighteen

One of my happy places.